“Platonus” is an information system designed to automate the credit and distance learning system. This program was launched at the University in 2016. The program has a centralized information system, which defines all the systems and tasks of the University.For each student and employee there is a separate page (separate web-page), which contributes to the automation of the main tasks of the University staff, helps students to find the necessary information, quickly penetrate into the training and control programs for students studying remotely, interact with teachers via the Internet or within the University network.

Information on work with the automated information system ” Platonus» :

Ø individual training calendar;

Ø control over execution of orders and internal correspondence;

Ø individual learning plan;

Ø virtual laboratories, work on test tasks, allowing to consider educational and methodical complexes (lecture materials on a certain discipline) ;

Ø quality testing system;

Ø work schedule panel;

Ø forum of the University as a whole;

Ø contact chat the University as a whole.

In addition, the notification service of the program provides an opportunity to get information about the current problems of the University:ads teachers, assigning test tasks, information about new books on the subject, business communication with other students, etc.b.

This system is very interesting and necessary, as any student entering the page will be able to learn their grades, the results of midterm control and the exam, that is, the final grade in the discipline.

At the request of the student, the teacher can at any time develop and assign him training tests using questions of different levels.

PLATONUS automated information system

Since 2016, the University operates an automated information system “Platonus” to automate the educational process in higher education institutions.AIS “Platonus” allowed to automate the following processes:                                                                    

* Registration of students and teachers

* Reading and making individual plans

* Creation of academic streams

* Creation of academic calendars

* Organization of current, intermediate and final certification of students

* Formation of the base of educational achievements of students

* Download teaching materials

* Keeping records of students, employees, teachers

* Create various reports in real time

User access to the AIS ” Platonus»:                                                                                     

* Corporate network

* Open WI-FI networks 

* Student house network

* Global Internet 

* through self-service information terminals.

Platonisme Department was founded in 2018 as Platonische office.


Platonus Department (hereinafter-the Department) is a structural unit of the University, performing and ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment and the provision of information resources for the organization of the educational process on the basis of modern information technology base Platonus.

Main objective of the Department:

– development and support of information technologies ensuring the functioning of the complex of technical and software automation of the University on the basis of Platonus;

     – coordination of activities of all structures of the University in order to ensure common approaches to the development and implementation of methods and means of implementation of information technology Platonus;

      – support and development of information and communication technologies in education and information system to support administrative and educational activities.


The main task of the Department is:

 – provision of means and technologies for access, storage, processing, accumulation and updating of information,control over the observance of information security in the field of information systems and participation in the operation of the Platonus base.

– development, implementation and operation of software, hardware and hardware to support the Platonus corporate network;

– safety and protection of corporate information, administration of the Platonus University network;                   


Main functions of the Department:

       – Maintenance of network communication equipment in working condition, ensuring the functioning of the Platonus base:        – Software maintenance and development of Platonus.

Address: Tole bi, 32, Shymkent

Phone: +7 7252 95 20 34

Cabinet: Building A, No. 316

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