Prevention of ARVI and influenza and other viral infections

Department of Quality Control and Safety  and Services of Al-Farabi district of Shymkent

Specialists and staff of the university Asem Rakhimovna and Aidarova Aidarova were advised on “Prevention of ARVI and influenza”.

Influenza – symptoms of upper respiratory tract damage and intoxication

characterized by an infectious infectious disease. The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets when sneezing and sneezing from a healthy person.

Symptoms of the flu are throat pain and fever

headache, as well as headache, as well as muscle pain, resulting in temporary disability. There are different types of influenza A, B, C viruses. Influenza can last up to 5-10 days and can recur. The exacerbation of the disease was triggered by bacterial infections

(otitis media, hemorrhoids).

How to avoid virus?

– stay at home from the onset of the first symptoms of the disease, maintain bed rest, ventilate the room twice a day, with a runny nose, cough, cough medicine, drink plenty of fluids in the form of tea, drink plenty of fluids, maintain personal hygiene and call a doctor at home.

Prevention measures for acute respiratory viral infections and other viral infections:

1.When leaving the house, apply oxalin ointment to the nose;

  1. Avoid crowded places;

3.Drink plenty of fluids, take plenty of fresh air;

4.Eat more foods with Vitamin C;

5.Use folk remedies (onions, garlic).

6.Comply with the recommendations.

Neglect to health!

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