Protect yourself from a dangerous epidemic!

\Chief state sanitary doctor of Shymkent A. K. Tulebayev in connection with the registration of 2 cases of coronavirus infection in the residential area “20 years of Independence” of the Abay district of Shymkent in order to prevent widespread infection among the population of the city Shymkent made the Decision “About measures on provision of safety of the population of the city of Shymkent” in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from March 15, 2020 “On the introduction of state of emergency,” according to the subparagraph 13 of paragraph 1 of article 7-1 of the Code of RK “On public health and healthcare system”.At the peoples ‘ Friendship University. academician A. Kuatbekov conducts preventive measures against the spread of a dangerous disease.At the entrance to the University, there is a sanitary block-point. At each facility, the disinfection regime is strengthened and strictly observed. Security guards let employees through the list approved by the University administration. Sanitizers and disinfecting mats are installed at the entrance to the University building and sanitary systems.Each person at the entrance washes their hands with antiseptic solutions, passes a health check (body temperature is measured), and is provided with a mask and disposable gloves.Due to the current epidemiological situation, the head of the health Department asked people to stay at home during the quarantine to avoid infection.Today, under the slogan “I am at work for you, and you stay at home for me”, doctors around the world are asking people to stay at home, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.I also encourage you to stay at home during the quarantine period.

We are together!Head of the medical center Esmurzayeva K.K

  • Block punctures: 08.30-18.00

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