An open lesson on the topic “Historical and cultural regions of the world”

On March 9, a 4th-year student of the T116-18 group specializing in Geography, Uristem Diana, during the passage of industrial (pedagogical) practice in the 19th secondary school named after Uzbekali Zhanibek in the 7th grade, held an open lesson on the topic “historical and cultural regions of the world”. The open lesson was attended by Rosa Syrtaykyzy, responsible for the practice at the Tastanova school, Madina Pilalkyzy, a geography teacher Sembi, and the head of the department “History of Kazakhstan and Socio-humanitarian disciplines” of our university, PhD, associate professor M. D. Mamadiyarov, Master in charge of the practice, senior lecturer Sh. B. Kharzhauov.

Intern Uristem Diana divided the students into groups and contacted the last lesson. I asked for homework on the “ball game” method. Explains miracles using the “let’s think together” method: he managed to explain the concepts of civilization and historical and cultural region and identify their main features. With the help of an interactive whiteboard, many visual effects were used. Individual work “Zhihankez” – working with a map, using the text of the textbook, drawing up a description of the historical and cultural zone according to the plan for students. Students write down on a sticker what they know about this topic and put it on the board. Diana had a very interesting open lesson, made good use of her time. The lesson managed to reach all the students, to focus their attention. At the end of the lesson, I made conclusions, evaluated the students and gave a homework assignment. The goal of the open lesson has been achieved.

Diana Uristem

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