Prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism and HIV/AIDS and youth involvement in sports!

A meeting was held at our university with the participation of specialists in the field of drug addiction, alcoholism and HIV prevention/AIDS among students and the introduction of youth to sports.

Specialist of the KSU “Youth Resource Center” of the Shymkent City Department of Internal Policy and Youth Affairs Kalmurzayeva Aizharkyn, police Colonel Nurlan Sembayev, operative of the drug control Department of the police Department, narcologist-psychiatrist of the Mental Health Center of the Shymkent Medical Center Raushan Asanova and athletes of the School of Higher Sportsmanship No. 3, world champion in grappling Abyzov Bagdaulet and Chingizbek Beybarys conducted a conversation with students. In addition, Nazira Zhurgenbayeva, a specialist at the AIDS Prevention and Control Center, conducted a voluntary anonymous and confidential medical examination and consultation of students on HIV infection.

The purpose of this event is HIV prevention/AIDS, drug addiction and the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

During the event, a voluntary anonymous and confidential medical examination of students on HIV infection was conducted.

A specialist from the Center for Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Aizhan informed students about healthy lifestyle issues.

Head of the medical center K. K. Esmurzayeva

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