Department of social and educational work

The transition to a new social and public life is an important system of modernization  renewal in the economic, cultural and spiritual development of the country.  The social education of the qualitative education system undoubtedly  leads to the development of traditions and customs of the country, to the life, language and culture of the country, which are inherited from many centuries.  If we say that man¢s spiritual development begins with self – discipline, it is important to note that education has a great role in human development.

Who made Rome famous and powerful?- Education.  Who made Alexander genius? – Education of Aristotle.  What makes  the nationality and unity  of the German people? – Power of education².  Thus, of course, the ideology  of education is important and philosophical in everyday life.

  • In the field of national education, the careful upbringing of the parents has a great influence on the younger generation, their formation, their conscience. In particular, the education plays a great role in the birth of a person, formation and development.
  • Education is the great wealth of a certain nation. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the use of national traditions, customs and the spiritual development of the nation in education of youth. Education is a multi-channel, full-featured, complex phenomenon. The main direction of education is the upbringing of our youth in the spirit of public education, saturated with history, traditions, customs, upbringing and moral qualities. This is a great heritage that was handed down from generation to generation, bringing up the traditions language, style and moral qualities of the nation, returning it to the (stage of) social stage and historical period:
  • Today, students of the university have been educated in accordance with the level of world science and performance of each student at the university and it became the rule of  educational work  of the University. The main goal of the educational work of the University of Friendship  the peoples of Kazakhstan is to educate students with a national  identry,  a high degree of spiritual thought, culture and intelligence.
  1. Social education
  • Formation of dialectical worldview among students as a result of the success of national practice, pedagogy and psychology.
  • The development of good personality traits.
  • Understanding the essence of the concept of sovereignty, liberty, democracy.
  • Understanding the role of labor in a person¢s life, the need for creative work in the perception of each youth.
  • Organization of political messages, classes, events for political literacy, social and economic issues.
  • Study of political and social laws.
  • Organization of the annual scientific and practical conference devoted to the issues of education in the universite.
  1. Mental and spiritual education.
  • Formation of behavior in accordance with universal human values.
  • Integrating of political, economic, social and commercial skills and values.
  • Formation of conscious attitude to national culture.
  • Creating a personal model of student as a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a future specialist, a future host.
  • Forming the right attitude towards religion.
  • Study the history, national traditions, language, culture and literature, visiting the Kazakh theater, organization of events in teaching national artistic skills.
  • Organization of exhibitions such as the Best works of art, the Best craftsman, the Best photographer and inventor.
  • Organization of psychological counselling.
  1. Healthy lifestyle.
  • Improvement of physical education in the university, thinking up of new methods and forms, add them into practice.
  • Formation of sports clubs, developing sports activities in various sports, organization of systematic work.
  • Familiarization with national sports and games, its meaning, national importance, teaching dements.
  • Set-up walking, travel, develop tourism.
  • Conducting educational activities in various forms to prepare for healthy lifestyle.
  • A comprehensive array of activities aimed at preventing the source of lawlessness and crime – alcoholism and drug addiction.
  1. Aesthetic education.
  • Formation of aesthetic taste and attitude in the student.
  • Choosing a reasonable companion, friend.
  • Study to see, to understand, to attract beauty and to appreciate sophistication.
  • Study to highlight the Best in the field of art, nature, work and life.
  • Creating amateur creative clubs and associations, conditions for their systematic and productive work.
  • Systematic mastering of the term of ²Madeni Mura² education of the world, spiritual values.
  • Implementation of the system of medical-prophylactic work.
  • Prepare students to self – insurance of various infectious diseases.
  1. Ecological education
  • Guided by the principles of our people ²Trees are your best antiques², ²Cut down one, plant ten², instill a sense of respect to the environment, love and care for nature.
  • Understand the common fate of people, protect nature and human resources.
  • Provide an environmental education.
  1. National – spiritual and patriotic education
  • Education of a talented citizen of a sovereign country.
  • Formation of national culture and ethics among young people.
  • Organization of educational events and activities on the basis of peculiarities of infant education.
  • Education of national history, literature, customs and traditions
  • Acquaintance with heroes who left unforgettable patterns of domestic identity, the life of the nation¢s intellectuals.
  • Education of patriotic, strong citizens who can protect their country and homeland.
  • Conducting competitions on the topic ²Er namysy² and ²Zhigit sultany²
  • Organization of events within religious education.
  1. Legal education.
  • Know and respect the laws of the country.
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Exercise of intolerance towards the violation of law – enforcement bodies¢ findings and legal provisions.
  • Strengthening of civil responsibility.
  • Organization of meetings with representatives of the law, court, police, prosecutor¢s office.
  • Organization of events with departments in law and right.

                            Council for Upbringing work

  1. General rules

Coordinate and improve all education systems  in the scope of Kazakhstan Peoples¢ Friendship University on upbringing  work. There will  be Deputy Chairman and secretary. Council members are organized by representatives of public organizations, professors and structural subdivisions of upbringing work. The Council is also composed of institutions.

  1. Council functions

The Council has the plowing functions:

  • Introduces and approves guidelines and concepts, action plans for the upbringing process, and monitors their implementation.
  • Listen to reports of deans of faculties, heads of departments, group mentors and advisers, representatives of other public organizations engaged in upbringing work.
  • Develops and publishes guidelines for the mentor and adviser of the group and other representatives of public organizations engaged in upbringing work.
  • Conclude rules on nominations ²The best mentor of the year², ²Adviser of the year², ²The Best student group of the year², ²The Best student room in Dormitory² etc.
  • Organizes checking of the quality and performance of upbringing work plans of the faculty and department, mentors and advisors, youth committee and other public organizations.
  • Listens to the report on upbringing work of the faculty.
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