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 The methodical office is the structural division of Educational and methodical Management of the university which is responsible for methodical work and is created for the purpose of providing the effective organization and coordinating with educational process at the university. The office carries out the activity according to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the university, decisions of administration, the Academic Council, orders, orders and instructions of the rector and vice rectors.

The methodical office provides educational divisions of the university with standard materials, the state obligatory standards of education (SOSE) and the standard curricula (SC) of specialties and standard programs for obligatory disciplines. Gives methodical support and control of development of the modular educational programs (MEP), the catalog of the description of MOP, syllabuses, educational and methodical complexes, manuals and textbooks for improvement of educational process compliance with credit technology of training.

Main objectives of a methodical office:

  • Organization of educational and methodical, standard and information work of the University;
  • Methodical ensuring implementation of educational programs;
  • Implementation of innovative educational technologies in educational process;
  • Development of normative, methodical documents for development, improvement and modernization of educational process;
  • Coordination of educational and methodical work of departments;
  • Control of a condition of standard and methodical documentation on training of future experts;
  • The organization of methodical work for the benefit of improvement of quality of training of specialists, modernization of educational process according to modern requirements, implementation of the strategy of development of educational activity of the university;
  • Control and reviewing of internal normative documents;
  • Monitoring of educational process and educational and methodical work for improvement of quality of carrying out educational process;
  • Coordination of educational and methodical process by all types and forms of education;
  • Organization, planning and correction of base of methodical ensuring educational process;
  • Organization, planning of publishing of the faculty;
  • Organization of methodical work on compliance to a quality management system
Structury of methodical cabinet

Personnel structure of a methodical office:
 Konirbayeva Gulzhan Kerimbayevna

The head of methodology department – Konirbayeva Gulzhan Kerimbayevna. General experience of 36 years. Ended Kazgu of S.M. Kirov, as a physicist, a teacher of physics in 1989. The author of 42 scientific works, from them: 23 – educational and methodical grants, 9 articles in the VAK magazines, 2 articles in foreign magazines, the 8th articles international scientific practical conferences. In 2013 graduated from advanced training courses of pedagogical workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan of JSC National Training Centre Orleu

 Telephone number: 87072945040


Reception hours:

Monday – Thursday: 14.30 – 17.30

Friday: 14.30 – 16.30

Cabinet 203

Fundamental obligations of the head of methodology department:

  • The organization of methodical activity of the university for the program of vocational education, being guided by the law of RK “About Education” and the state obligatory standard of education and the statutory act;
  • Coordination of educational documentation with the regulatory base established by the state and the university and control over respect for the established norms;
  • Control of a condition of methodical documentation according to the approved list of educational and methodical documentation, necessary for work;
  • Organization and carrying out expert works on contents of educational programs and educational and methodical materials PPS;
  • Providing organization, statement and carrying out (external, internal, substantial, technical) examinations of modular educational programs for specialties;
  • Ensuring quality of training with methodical documentation of management at the university.
  • Control of methodical work of the educational program for training of future experts;
  • Consultation of the faculty of the university;
  • The organization and coordination of methodical work structural division (departments, faculties) on credit technology of training;
  • Implementation of input and updating of new curricula in educational process;
  • Control of implementation of new technologies of training, including use of technical means;
  • Consultation on preparation of working curricula on specialties on all objects;
  • Participation together with departments in ensuring educational process with educational and methodical, didactic and information materials according to license requirements and requirements of STATE VPO;
  • Coordination of the organization of seminars of teachers of modern educational technologies;
  • The analysis of compliance of contents and structures of educational and methodical literature, working training programs with SMK;
  • The organization of examination of educational and methodical literature on compliance to their requirements to structure and the contents, curricula on specialties and working programs for disciplines;

• Preparation of documentation for work of Educational and methodical council of the university


Telephone number:  8 7476600380


Bakirova Klara Baltakhodzhayevna. General experience of 16 years. Graduated from the Otyrar University, in “Informatics”, the teacher of informatics in 2006. The author of 7 scientific-methodical works, from them 5-educational and methodical grants, 2 articles international scientific practical conferences. In 2012 ended courses Interregional training center of pedagogical workers of a system of Technical and professional education “Preparation and introduction of the modular training programs based on competences”


  • Coordinates educational and methodical activity of faculties and departments of the university;
  • Participates in planning, the organization and improvement of methodical ensuring educational process at the university;
  • Organization, planning and correction of base of methodical ensuring educational process.
  • Carries out input and updating of curricula;
  • Keeps account, is responsible for the organization, to planning and correction of methodical ensuring specialties;
  • Carries out monitoring of the edition of methodical developments of the university;
  • Planning and control of mutually visit, carrying out open studies;
  • Takes part in the organization and carrying out expert works on contents of educational programs and educational and methodical materials PPS;
  • Organization, planning of publishing of the university and also planning of acquisition of methodical literature;
  • Coordinates introduction in educational process of modern educational and methodical and didactic materials;
  • Organization of methodical seminars of teachers of modern educational technologies;
  • Planning and control of mutually visit, carrying out open studies.
  • Exercises control of a state and rational use of interactive methods of training;
Normative document

Annual work plan:

Strategic plan:

QMS documents:

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