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About faculty
Faculty history

The faculty of a correspondence course was created from the date of formation of the university. Since 2018 it is renamed as faculty correspondence and evening  learning also train bachelors on 30 specialties for the educational program of a bachelor degree for the full, reduced and accelerated forms of education. In educational process the modern training technologies and techniques are actively applied.

For today heads faculty candidate of chemical sciences, associate professor Baymenova Ulzhalgas Seydankyzy.

The faculty is proud of the outstanding graduates among whom there is a deputy of Parliament of RK U. Sadibekov, the former akim of Abaysky district of Shymkent Zh. Bayganov, businessmen M. Ashirbayev, G. Nurmaganbetov, A. Zhumadilov, Zh. Kambarova, R. Kudaybergenov and others. Many graduates work in public authorities and public administration, at the state enterprises, in public institutions and the organizations, in the commercial organizations, in research and educational institutions, continue study in a magistracy.

Deputy of the Parliament of Kazakhstan U. Sadibekov
Task of faculty

Providing the high professional grade of education and forming of civil and moral qualities of the personality in the conditions of integration into the international educational, scientific and information community.


The faculty is equipped with the modern equipment allowing to carry out training of specialists with use of the latest information technologies. The number of students is about 3000 thousand, on the 30th specialty pedagogical, technical, economic and legal. Long-term experience of the university and its strong links with the leading educational institutions not only our republic, but also other countries is the basis for educational and methodical work that guarantees to students high quality of educational services. Modern forms and methods of training of students accustom. This system allows to provide owing to the flexibility fast adaptation to the changing social and economic conditions, change of a paradigm of education towards fundamental nature, integrity and accounting of interests of the personality.

Purpose of faculty

In expansion of opportunities of citizens in receiving educational services, in the most full-fledged satisfaction of their educational requirements regardless of the place of residence, a social status, age.

As the main tool for implementation of remote technology of training in faculty the system of remote learning “Moodle” is used. The software platform of maintenance of remote learning is implemented on the basis of interaction of the automated information environment of Platonus and support system TO Moodle which source code is in free access (opensource).

The system for the organization of remote learning supports file exchange of any formats – both between the teacher and the student, and between students. By preparation and training in the Moodle system the teacher uses item collection of a course which enter: glossary, resource, task, forum, wiki, lesson, test, webinar, audiolectures, etc.

Structure of faculty

Form of education
  • After secondary education: evening (5 years)
  • After vocational secondary education: reduced (3 years)
  • After the higher education: accelerated (2 years)
Faculty news, announcements
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Baymenova Ulzhalgas Seydankyzy

Senior methodologist

Danishbayeva Meruert Serikovna


Zhakipova Elmira Kararovna


Administrator of a system of distance learning

Amankeldi Saken


To students
Moodle – system of distance learning

The modern world promptly changes. Development of the computer equipment and means of communication cardinally change a way of life of the person. There was no education away from these changes also. There passed those times when for implementation of process of training was the personal contact of the teacher and student is necessary. There are ways to intensify process of training using methods and means of electronic training. We suggest to use possibilities of electronic training or as it is called still by e-learning, on the basis of a control system of the electronic courses Moodle. Within such course it is possible to organize:

  1. Interaction of students among themselves and with teachers. For this purpose such elements as can be used: forums, chats
  2. Transfer of knowledge in electronic form by means of files, archives, web pages, lectures.
  3. An examination and training by tests and tasks. Students can send results of work in text form or in the form of files.
  4. Collaboration educational and research of students on a certain subject, by means of the built-in wiki mechanisms, seminars, forums and so forth.

The website of a system of distance learning is http://www.dl.kipudn.kz

Academican calendar
Session schedule

Peoples ‘ friendship University named after academician A. Kuatbekov

Faculty of correspondence, evening and distance learning in the evening form of training (extract from the schedule of the educational process)

  Course Session dates (autumn) Session dates (spring)
Start End Start End
1 course 17.12.18 04.01.19 06.05.19 24.05.19
2 course 17.12.18 04.01.19 06.05.19 24.05.19
3 course 17.12.18 04.01.19 29.04.19 24.05.19
4 course 17.12.18 04.01.19 29.04.19 17.05.19
5 course 10.12.18 28.12.18    
5В011700-Kazakh language and literature (5th year)
21.01.19 08.02.19    
State examination     11.02.19 03.05.19
Дипломная работа     25.02.19 31.05.19
Course autumn spring
3 years
3х1 years 19.11.18 – 14.12.18 25.03.19 – 19.04.19
3х2 years 19.11.18 – 14.12.18 01.04.19 – 26.04.19
3х3 years 29.10.18 – 23.11.18 07.01.19 – 23.02.19
State language 15.04.19 – 24.05.19  
Diploma work   22.04.18 – 21.06.19
2 years
2х1 years 29.10.18 – 23.11.18 28.01.19 – 22.02.19
2х2 years 05.11.18– 30.11.18 21.01.19 – 15.02.19
State language 29.04.19 – 07.06.19  
Diploma work   13.05.19 – 05.07.19

List of specialty


Student admission schedule: from 8:30 to 17:30

Lunch – from 13:00 to 14:00

Day off – Saturday, Sunday

Phone: 8 (7252) 95-25-54

113 – Phone for university

Email:  zo.kipudn@mail.ru  (faculty mail)

               ubajmenova@bk.ru (dean’s mail)

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