The Department of “Philology and languages»


Due to the strong teaching staff, the powerful scientific potential and achievements of students and undergraduates, their own characteristics, the Department of Philology and Languages ​​of the Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Friendship of Peoples is one of the most popular.

Education at the Department of Philology and Languages ​​has always been a great pride. Here all dreams and hopes of applicants, aspirations of parents are fulfilled.

The department has 4 specialties: Kazakh language and literature, a foreign language: two foreign languages, Russian language and literature, translation.

Yesterday’s students — tomorrow’s qualified specialists can work in various institutions as translators, research associates in research institutes, teachers in colleges, schools, and, as citizens of a significant country, can even become electors of the people. This is one of the main promises of the department in the formation of student status.

Head of the Department of Philology and Languages

The department of the university has a significant intellectual potential of scientists: highly qualified teaching staff, including doctors of science, candidates of science, associate professors, senior teachers, masters, honored workers of science and education, as well as leaders and honors pupils with honorary titles, owners the Altynsarin breastplate, the “25 years of Independence” medal and even a professor at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The department trains specialists in three languages ​​in three areas – education, science, innovation development: conditions are created, improved, strengthened from year to year, material and scientific and laboratory facilities.

      The department was established in September 2000.

Since May 2016, the department has been renamed the Department of Philology and Languages.

      A distinctive feature of the department: Literary creativity and languages, the study of a foreign language, the Russian language, specialized translation of records management.

       The mission of the department: Translation of works of literary creativity, masterpieces of national and universal human values ​​in the field of linguistics, placement and provision of professional development of competitive specialists based on the achievements of science and practice.

Tasks of the department:

• language, theory and history of literature, criticism of literary creativity in the field of knowledge of foreign languages ​​of the faculty, improvement of professional qualifications;

• training specialists and translators for the requirements of the modern labor market;

• organization of the educational process at the level of modern didactic materials on intercultural communication;

• professional development of teachers from foreign universities, scientific and pedagogical practice, professional development through competition;

• system analysis and expert evaluation of translations.

The strategic goal of the department:

• Implementation of a quality management system and certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (international);

• 5В011700 – “Kazakh language and literature”, 5В011900 – “Foreign language: two foreign languages”, 6М011700 – “Kazakh language and literature” according to the obligatory program of specialties for accreditation;

• innovative orientation of basic and applied research;

• in the academic year, the faculty issued 6 scientific articles in journals with a high impact factor, for publication in journals;

• increase the academic mobility of students;

• increase the academic mobility of teaching teachers.

Code of specialty Specialty Terms of training Qualification


5B011700 Kazakh language and literature 4 years Bachelor of specialty

Kazakh language and literature

5B011800 Russian language and literature 4 years Bachelor of specialty

Russian language and literature

5B011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages ​​4 years Bachelor of specialty

foreign language: two foreign languages

5В020700 Translation business 4 years Bachelor of specialty

“Translation Business”


6M020500 Philology

(scientific and pedagogical direction) 2 years Master of Arts

6М011700 Kazakh language and literature 2 years Master of Pedagogical Sciences

6M020700 Translation Business 2 years Master of Arts

6М011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages ​​2 years Master of Pedagogical Sciences

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