Organization of pre-graduate practice

On January 16, 2022, an organization was held on the passage of students of pre-graduation practice for the period from January 16, 2022 to April 7, 2022 of 4th-year students of the Department of Economics according to educational programs 5B050600-“Economics”, 5B050800 – “Accounting and Audit”, 5B050900-“Finance” and 5B050600, 5B051000 – “State local management” 6B04120 – “Management”, 6B04160- “Marketing”

The head of the Department for employment and practice Shalkeeva A.A., Mailybaev M.S., our employers, heads of institutions took part in the pre-graduate practice: financial Director of Azala Cotton LLP – Baytileuov S.S., head of the Turkestan regional branch of the Republican State Institution “State Commission for Variety Testing of Agricultural Crops” of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Zhumzhaev G.K., Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogy Kupesheva A.K., Faculty of Economics and Engineering – Ilesov Z., Mamikov S.A., head of the department Abdurakhmanova Z. A., and also responsible for the practice of the department – Dildabekova A.S.

Explanatory work was carried out with 4th year students on the preparation of a report, requirements for keeping a student’s report on the internship, requirements for keeping a practice diary, responsibilities for the student’s internship, responsibilities of practice managers, requirements for accounting documents, requirements of managers from the enterprise, requirements for the place of practice and the preparation of the structure of the report on pre-graduate practice.

The main purpose of the organization of practice is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained by students in the study of disciplines, the acquisition of practical skills and the ability to independently solve current professional tasks, mastering professional competencies, such as:

– generalization, systematization, concretization and consolidation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on the study of the experience of a particular organization in the main areas;

– study of best practices in the chosen direction;

– mastering the methods of acceptance and implementation based on the theoretical knowledge obtained by the methods of analytical and independent research work.

– collection of necessary materials for the preparation and writing of a thesis.

The acquisition of practical skills as a result of passing the pre-graduate internship enables bachelors 4th year students at a higher level to prepare basic materials for writing a thesis using comparative methods of analysis and information technology and will serve as a basis for professional orientation of bachelors in their subsequent employment in the field of training. In addition, during the internship, students are required to study the management and management system of the organization, its structure, work planning, external factors, principles of operational management of its activities, as well as to take a practical part in solving the tasks facing the organization.

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