Department of planning and organization of educational process

Аbout the Department

The department of organization and control of the educational process, the organization of the educational process and educational and methodical work is a structural subdivision of the Educational and Methodological Management.

The main focus of the department is the implementation, implementation, improvement of the structure and content of educational programs implemented in accordance with the program of development of scientific and educational activities of the university, the requirements of international standards and external consumers – the state, society, employers.

Main task

The main tasks of the Department organization and control of the educational process:

    • Educational and methodological, regulatory information and organizational, consulting and educational services, organization of the educational process;
    • State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, guidelines and regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Organization and planning of the university educational process
    • Definition and approval of the potential of the audience and responsible teachers and their groups;
    • Monitoring the monthly student population by dean;
    • Monitoring of the educational process, regulatory documents on the training of specialists, the introduction of training programs;
    • calculation of the teaching load of the faculty by specialties and disciplines assigned to the department, as well as the formation of the contingent of faculty;
    • check the performance of the academic staff by academic load;
    • organization and management of academic disciplines approved by the departments;
    • distribution of the classroom fund and control over compliance with the rules for its use.
    • Scientific and methodological support for the implementation of educational programs;
    • organization and management of academic disciplines approved by the departments;
    • Introduction of innovative educational technologies and promising forms of organization of the educational process;
    • Development of regulatory, methodological and organizational framework for the development, improvement and modernization of the educational process;
    • Creation of groups and subgroups for the academic year in accordance with the requirements of students enrolled in the 1st year and students’ competencies in all specialties;
    • Curriculum, exams, independent work and observation on the subjects of choice
    • supervises the implementation of the Academic Council, orders of the administration, official letters and other regulatory documents of higher structures;
Department staff

Senior methodologist of the department: Abekova Gulzhan Sadykbekovna

Abekova Gulzhan Sydykbekovna

February 16, 1965

Contact phone: 8 7013261258

Senior Methodist 2004-2018

Education: Alma-Ata University of Continuing Education, 2001-2004

Specialty: teacher of the Kazakh language and literature.

Education: Kazakhstan Engineering Pedagogical University of  Friendship of Nations 2010-2012

Specialty: teacher of pedagogy and psychology;

Methodist statistics: Nazarbekova Kaliya Kaldanovna

January 27, 1974

Contact phone: 8 702 355 08036


Methodist statistics 2008-2018

Education: South Kazakhstan State University

named after M. Auezov 2002-2007

Specialty: teacher history, law, economics

KEPUFN Master of Pedagogical Sciences in the specialty Pedagogy and Psychology

Dispatcher: Zhakupova Aigerim Abdikanievna

August 28, 1992

Contact phone: 87759507513


Dispatcher  2018-2019, PFU named after A. kuanbekov

Education: Karaganda Pedagogical College “Bolashak” 2008-2012

Specialty: teacher of the Kazakh language and literature

Education: Regional Social and Innovation University 2013-2016

Specialty: teacher of the Kazakh language and literature

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