Department of Physical Education and Sports

The department “Pedagogy and physical training” was formed in 2001-2002 academic year, head of the department was c.p.s, associate professor  Mukhamedzharov  T. K. In 2005, department was renamed to “Physical training and Sport”. Since 2012 year head of the department is “The honorable figure of sport”  Aytzhanov A.A.

Training of future experts is conducted by the highly skilled teachers, candidates of science, associate professors having long-term scientific and teaching experiment on training of specialists in the field of  “Physical training and Sport”. The organization of educational process and work at department conforms to requirements GGSE RK and other normative document. At department modern innovative pedagogical technologies are introduced. These are the presentations, the glossary, tests, cases and. etc. In the course of training the department uses means of activation of cognitive activity of students, use on lecture occupations of video records, videos, entry into “the virtual world” on discipline.

 Teachers staff of department

Now the educational program is provided with the highly skilled faculty of department having basic education: 2 – the doctor of sciences, 1 – the candidate of pedagogical science, 4 – the masters, 13 – the senior teachers. Among teachers of the department 8 are owners of a rank “Honored Trainer of Sport of Kazakhstan”, 1 – the owner of a rank “Honored Worker of Sport of Kazakhstan”, 1 – the owner of a rank “Honored Worker of Sport of Kazakhstan”, 1 – Master of  Sport, 2 owners of a rank “The Best Teacher of Higher Education Institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Today the department trains the following experts – 5B010800 – “Physical training and sport”.

During the period from 19.06.2017 to 18.06.2020 the department of “Physical training  and sport”, in particular specialty 5B010800 “Physical training and sport” successfully passed specialized accreditation which positively influenced professional formation of students of specialty “Physical training and sport”.

Aim of specialty

Improvement of ways of the organization and effective functioning of educational and methodical work  at department; creation of conditions for carrying out research work of teachers; formations of a healthy lifestyle among students; development of educational work at department in classroom and out-of-class time; training of the competitive professional staff knowing three languages; skill level which meets requirements of domestic market and the international standards and requirements. To explain to each student formation of modern thinking, development of world outlook views, showing a way of development of the person, society, state. Increase in number of the athletes doing national sports that is students. Broad promotion ways of development of a healthy lifestyle.

Task of department

– strengthening of personnel capacity of department;

– systematic attraction of teaching staff of department to research work;

– realization of unity of education, science, production

– carrying out scientific research concerning the theory and a technique of physical training, hygiene of physical training and sport, the theory and a technique of the chosen sport, the theory and a technique of teaching basic sports (according to the school program), techniques of teaching volleyball, a technique of teaching disciplines.

– increase in professional qualification of the faculty in the field of physical training and sport;

– training of specialists on physical training and sport according to modern requirements;

– the organization of educational process at the modern didactic level;

– increase in scientific qualification of teachers through a scientific training, search in foreign higher education institutions;

– strengthening of multinational and multi-religious consent on the basis of the Kazakhstan patriotism, spiritual improvement of the moral ideas;

– prevention of distribution of political, religious, national extremism among students and development of mass sport.

Students of department are provided with necessary educational and methodical literature. Methodical recommendations about planning, management and control of independent work of students and also methodical recommendations about implementation of theses are developed for the organization of independent work of students by department. The SIW, SIWT organization is carried out according to programs of readable disciplines.

There are EMCD on all specialties in State and Russian languages at department. Content of lecture occupations on basic cathedral disciplines is included in themselves by new achievements in the field of the theory of sport, theoretical provisions of the Law on sport of RK of Presidential tests, the comprehensive program of the Government of RK.

The organization  controls of progress at department is carried out according to the current situations about the organization of certification of students. Examinations in subject matters are held in the form of tests, in an oral and written form.

The level quality of  knowledge of the students shown on PGC corresponds to quality of training experts. The methodical seminar on problems works at department: “Physical training in preschool institutions”, “Modern problems of professional and applied physical training”, “Mode of physical activity in various groups of the population”.

The organizations and holding a work practice answer the purpose and problems of training of specialists. At department there are agreements with employers and UNPK developed programs and methodical recommendations about performance of tasks for students in practice. At the end of practice students pass the differentiated test by results of passing internship. Lectures on current topics are given to students.

Department for the purpose of carrying out educational and field practice and scientific practical, experimental works closely cooperate with employers:

  1. ESS №87;
  2. Central water sports complex;
  3. 3. Children’s and youth sports school of Olympic Reserve №. 5 for boxing in the city of Shymkent;
  4. 4. Children’s and youth sports school №1 of Sayram District;
  5. 5. South Kazakhstan regional specialized Children’s and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve №2 of management of physical training and sport of the South Kazakhstan area.

Research work, SIWS teaching staff of department conduct scientific research on “A problem of  using  national games and national sports in out-of-class work at comprehensive school”.

The scope of research which is carried out on the state budgetary subjects – “Formation at Teenagers  Skills of  Sports  Action through Self-education”. Work is performed on five sections. The senior lecturer  Zholdasbekova B.A. works on the project “Theoretical Bases Design Pedagogical Technologies in the course of Professional Development of Pedagogical Workers” .

Teachers staff of department actively participate at republican and regional conferences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the last three years at department 3 monographs, 4 textbooks and more than 80 scientific articles are published. Research works are patented by 4 innovative patents of RK.

The department annually publishes scientific works and releases educational methodical literature according to plans. About 250 scientific works and educational methodical literature are published at the department.

At the department work of SRWS is up to standard organized. Further are planned development of scientific practical activities of the student’s youth designated by the President N.A. Nazarbayev.

The department is equipped with the modern computer equipment and equipped with 2 covered gyms, 1 gym, 1 wrestling hall, 1 tennis hall, 1 chess and checkerboard offices.

At the department of “physical training and sport” the set of sports circles were organized, 2 times in a week work with students: 1 – the young man’s volleyball – girls, the basketball, five-a-side, a handball, chess, checkers, track and field athletics and wrestling. In particular:

  1. The student of group T 719-16 Dzhanteliyev N. in the World Cup among youth in universal wrestling won the І – the place.
  2. In 2014 the student of the T108-14k group Tursynkulov Nursultan became the bronze prize-winner types of sport in umu-San.
  3. In 2015 in National student’s league on mini football team of the University “Dostyk” won the І – the place.
  4. Orazbekova E the master of sports world class on archery, the prize-winner of Asia.
  5. Shayzada B. the member of youth team of “Kazakhstan” team on football.
  6. Arystan Zh. member of the football team “Ordabasy”.
  7. Umirbek B. Master of Sports in boxing.
  8. In 2016 in the basketball competitions “Student’s League” of the KIPHFU team won the Grand Prix.
  9. In 2016 in the volleyball team competition organized within the Student’s Spring festival, the KIPHFU team won the -I place.
  10. In 2016 on the highest sports contest in Shymkent the KIPHFU team took the III place.
  11. In 2017 in IX-year Universiade of the Republic of  Kazakhstan on table tennis the student of  the 2nd course of “Physical training  and sport” department of KIPHDU Altai Azamat, the student of the 1st course of Esengelda Rakhimzhan, the student of the 3rd course Aman Sabyrzhan took the 2nd place in the overall team competition.
  12. In 2017 in the World Cup among youth in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia the student 2nd course of specialty “Physical training  and sport”  Kudyretilla Ayzhan took the 3rd place.
  13. In 2018 M. In honor of the celebration of the 75 anniversary of M.Auezov SKSU , on volleyball of KIPHFU won the Grand Prix.
  14. In 2018 S. Shymkent In the championship and the Cup of RK on rhythmic gymnastics passing in sport center of Yusupova, the student of group T108-38 , specialty “Physical training  and sport”  Moldakhanova Togzhan took ІІ the place and also won the Grand Prix on the international tournament on the akim’s Cup.
  15. A city games contest among higher education institutions of the young man take prizes at the international competitions: on volleyball І – the place of the girl І – the place, the ІІ-place on football, І – the place on checkers, chess the ІІІ-place, run on 3000 meters on track and field athletics the ІІІ-place, run on 100 meters the ІІ-place and many athletes.
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Address: Tolebi -32 street, 111–B cab., Departaments of “Physical culture and sport”.

Number: 140

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