Department of digital transformation and technology transfer

Zhaksilikov Assylbek Akimbek uly

Director of the Department of digital transformation and technology transfer



  • organization of preventive and repair work in order to exclude hardware and software failures of the university’s computer park;
  • management and development of the corporate network of the university;
  • ensuring the direct organization (creation) and effective functioning of the information security system at the university, preventing, as a result, causing material, physical, moral or other harm to the university as a result of information activities;
  • development of application programs for automating the activities of university departments;
  • implementation and supervision of state digitalization reforms at the university;
  • daily monitor the work of the existing information systems of the University, monitor the process of resuming work in an emergency in the shortest possible time;
  • monitor compliance with information security rules and take appropriate measures in case of violation of security rules


Equipping an educational institution with computer equipment and software to improve the material and technical base of the university, the use of information technologies in educational activities.



Implementation, maintenance and development of the technological and communication environment of the University;
development of local area networks;
technical support of publishing activities;
increase and improve the quality of wireless Internet networks;
integration of all university buildings into a single network.

Main areas of activity

Main areas of activity
Intensive introduction of modern information technologies into the educational process;
Repair, setup and maintenance of computer and office equipment, various audio and video equipment, technical training tools (computers, printers, scanners, projectors, televisions, tape recorders, etc.);
Installation, disassembly and setup of a local network, Internet connection, technical support of the university’s website and e-mail, library programs;
Technical consulting of university staff on issues related to the use of the above equipment;
Participation in the preparation of applications for the purchase of new equipment and modernization of existing ones in order to improve the material and technical base of the university;

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