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UNT - 2023

UNT format in 2023:

The applicant passes the UNT at will in Kazakh, Russian or English. Testing is carried out in three mandatory and two specialized subjects.

The number of test tasks for subjects has been changed!

Required subjects:

History of Kazakhstan – 15 points (15 tasks);
Reading literacy – 20 points (20 tasks);
Mathematical literacy – 15 points (15 tasks).
It is suggested to choose one correct answer from five suggested ones!

Two specialized subjects (for each subject):

From 1 to 20, it is suggested to choose one correct answer from the five suggested;

From 21 to 25, it is suggested to choose one correct answer from five suggested ones (tasks based on context);

From 26 to 35, it is suggested to choose one or more correct answers from the set of suggested answers.

The number of test tasks for each profile subject is 35!

A task based on context has been added to the profile subjects: Context is the thematic area to which the problem situation described in the question (task) relates.

The context can be presented in the form of a solid text, figure, graph, table, diagram, infographic, etc. Tasks based on context assess in-depth knowledge of the subject, skills and skills of a wide range, reading and understanding of the context, reflection on the content of the context, the ability to analyze, compare, etc.

Testing time – 240 minutes

The maximum number of UNT points is 140 points

An applicant who has involved a “figurehead” in the testing is not allowed to participate in the same testing.

If prohibited items are found in the metal detector inspection area, an act is drawn up and the applicant is not allowed to be tested!

Test results:

Are announced by the state commission on the same day;
They are posted on the information stand at the venue;
The certificate is issued in electronic form;
The test result can be found on the website (when entering the ICT and IIN of the test subject);
In case of disagreement with the results, the test taker can file an appeal.
Applications for appeal are accepted until 13.00 hours of the next day after the announcement of the UNT results.

Regulation UNT
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