Information about the University dormitory

Our high-rise dormitory (6 + 1 floor) is designed for 289 beds. All students living in the hostel are from rural areas and nearby areas. The dormitory with a total area of 10,256.2 sq. m. consists of 81 rooms. Outside the hostel has a special fence. The building is equipped with an elevator and a video surveillance system. Students are provided with Wi-Fi Internet.

For students, there is a dining room with 50 seats, 2 gyms, 1 library, 2 rooms as work areas for students, 1 sports ground, 71 bathrooms, a medical center and special congresses for people with disabilities. The territory of the hostel is landscaped with benches for recreation, green spaces and special flower beds.

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In the dorm:

  1. There Is A Medical Center.
  2. There is a dining room, refrigerator, 2 electric stoves.
  3. In the hall there is a TV, a corner.
  4. There is a shower cabin (men, girls).
  5. There is a horizontal bar outside.

There are 2-3 students in each room.

The rooms have beds, chiffoniers, curtains, a table, equipped with new substrates.

The dormitory has elected a chairman, a chairman, a sanitary sector, a labor sector, a culture sector.

Every Friday is a clean-up day.

The students of the hostel were put into full registration.

Meetings are held with the local police, imams. A meeting of girls and boys is being held. Close communication with the deans is conducted weekly.

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