Requisites of university

In accordance with the agreement between the student and the University on paid tuition, the “Student” must make timely payment for tuition at the University for the current academic year within the terms specified in the agreement.Full-time tuition: 25% of the annual fee until October 1, 50% until December 01, 75% until February 01, 100% until April 01.By correspondence: 50% before the beginning of the autumn session, 50% before the start of the spring session.Payment for training can be made through branches of JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” in the city of Shymkent and district centers of the Turkestan region, as well as in all regional, city and district centers of the Republic through payment terminals. The location of payment terminals can be found on the Bank’s official website. The Commission is 70 tenge.You can also pay via the mobile app the Commission is 0.4% of the payment amount.When paying, you must specify your Full Name. student, IIN, form of study, course, specialty, type of payment (training, transfer, restoration, etc.). Enter data according to your identity documents, without spelling errors.In case of late payment of tuition fees by a student, according to the agreement on paid tuition, the University reserves the right to exclude the student from the list of students.


32 Tole bi str., Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan, 160000, tel. / Fax: 95-25-02, 95-25-21, 95-25-72.

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TRN: 582 200 053 058

BIN: 120 940 009 832


Current accounts: no. KZ516017291000007885 in Halyk Bank JSC in Shymkent

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