Medical center

A medical center is a primary pre–medical institution that provides medical and sanitary assistance to students.

The nurse carries out:

  • on the territory assigned to it, a complex of therapeutic and preventive and sanitary anti-epidemic measures.
  • provides the patient with first aid at an outpatient appointment.
  • carry out preventive vaccinations, according to the requirements of the Ministry. Zdrav. RK.
  • work with the student polyclinic
  • control and accounting of students who are on the “D” account
  • to monitor compliance with the SAN. epid. and dez.mode c in the walls of the educational institution and the adjacent territory
  • to monitor the implementation of sanitary standards in computer classes, for compliance with San.and des. mode in catering.
  • On the conduct of mandatory and preliminary med. inspections of employees were approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2015 No. 126
  • conduct a health corner, etc
  • . contract with a polyclinic, etc.
  • the act of inspections of the Consumer Protection Department of the Turkestan region from the Republican State Institution “Consumer Protection Department”
  • plan of therapeutic and preventive measures

Nurse of the first–aid post - Esmurzayeva Kalshatkul Kenzhebekovna

Year of birth -17.05.1967

Position – Nurse


1982-1985 South Kazakhstan region , Lenger Medical School,

Specialty – nurse

Certificate: “Nursing” Nurse of the highest category from 15.08.2011 № 260

2005-2008. Shymkent University, specialty: pedagogy and psychology

E-mail:  esmurzaeva_ 67@

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