Innovation centre of «Bolashaq»

Innovation Center (IC) “Bolashak”


– Innovation, research and production activities are coordinated and controlled by the Director of IC.

– Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Peoples’ Friendship Rector can sign financial and money matters documents (as proposed by the Director of IC).

– IC coordinates fundamental, applied and scientific research, experimental design, technological works, measurement services and scientific and technical products implementation, research, production and innovation activities in close connection with the scientific and educational process.

IC “Bolashak” Director:

Mutal Turtaev


Date of birth: March 22, 1956

Nationality: Kazakh

Address: 36 Ernazarova Street, Shymkent, South Kazakhstan

Work phone number: 95 26 19

Mobile phone number: 8702169156


 Tashkent Road Institute. Transport Faculty.

Major: Economics and Organization of Road Transport

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Ph.d. November 24, 2005

Thesis: “Marketing of Medical Services in the Context of Market Reforms and Ways of its improvement”.

Re-certification in the Republic of Kazakhstan: May 21, 2009.

Tashkent Road Institute. Postgraduate courses. 1982-1986

Tashkent Road Institute. Automotive Faculty. 1973-1978

Qualification: Engineer-economist. Diploma with honors.

Awarded academic title: Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (7913 dated April 2015. Moscow).

Seminars / Trainings / Conferences:

I participated in 35 international, national and regional seminars, conferences held in the USA, England, Italy, Turkey, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan.

I participated in more than 200 projects in the areas of motor vehicles -225, totaling 5 million rubles, innovation – 80 projects totaling more than 160 million tenge. From 1998 to 2006 I participated in the development and implementation of the Health-1 and Health-2 projects funded by the World and Asian Development Banks in the amount of US $ 115.0 million.


1978 – 1993: Motor transport system of the Republic of Uzbekistan

1993 – 2006: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan

2006 – 2012: South Kazakhstan State University n.a. M. Auezov

2012: Director of the Center for Economic Research of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2013 – now: Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Peoples’ Friendship


Kazakh – advanced

Russian – advanced

English – intermediate


I have published more than 200 articles, including: 2 monographs on improving planning and organization of road transport and marketing of medical services in health care and more than 15 methodical recommendations. I published 44 articles in scientific journals: international ones – 13, national ones – 27, regional ones – 4, mass media publications (newspapers and magazines) – 81 articles: international ones -2, national ones – 45, regional ones – 34.


Total number of awards: 1 medal, 14 thank-you letters, 1 badge for socialist competition winning, 2 honorary titles, 10 certificates of honour, 4 money rewards, 1 honours board roll, 2 diplomas.

Awards for the work in automotive industry:1 medal, 5 thank-you letters, 1 badge for socialist competition winning, 2 honorary titles, 9 certificates of honour, 3 money rewards, 1 honours board roll, 1 diploma

Awards for the work in health industry: 1 thank-you letter and 1 money prize

Awards for involvement in pedagogical activities: 1 diploma, 12 thank-you letters, 1 certificate of honour.

Teaching: supervision of more than 10 Master degree’s students.


 Computer: MS Word 6.0, MS Excel 5.0, DOS, MS Windows, Project Expert

  • Good communication skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Candidate master in Greco-Roman wrestling
  • Interests: table tennis, billiard, volleyball, chess and writing poems in Kazakh.

Job descriptions:

As the Director of “Bolashak” IC I am personally responsible for:

– untimely and poor-quality implementation of the functions and tasks for innovation, research and production activities stipulated by the present regulation;

– violation of State Educational Standards in innovative research and production activities;

– untimely and poor-quality presentation of information to the founders, rector, vice-rectors of Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Peoples’ Friendship, poor-quality organization of innovation, research and production activities;

– violation of staff ethics, job safety rules, commercial and official secrets;

– violation of the rules of internal labor regulations;

– the irrational use of working time, labor, financial, material, informational and technical resources;

– violation of financial and labor discipline and routine activities, the Regulation on remuneration, present Regulation and other internal regulatory documents of the educational institution.

– Staff promotion. For timely and high-quality performance of functions and tasks employees of the IC can be encouraged by order of the rector upon the recommendation of the director of the Bolashak Information Center.

– Logistics. The logistical support of the IC should comply with the requirements of STRK 1I58-2002.

Partnership Sector

Integrated Research and Production Complex/ Departments/ Divisions/ Economic Branch/ Post-graduate Branch/ Legal Branch

Methodic Assistance

“Bolashak” Innovation Center

Partnership Sector

Making Contracts on

Master’s degree training/     PhD training/   Specialists training and retraining/   Production specialists employment


Business portfolio development sector

South Kazakhstan Akimat/Regional Financial Department/Regional Statistical Department/Free Economic Area “Ontustyk”/ Agricultural Production Cooperative “Ontustyk”

State Budget

Employers                                                                 “Bolashak” Innovation Center                            Heads of Departments

South Kazakhstan Business                         Business Portfolio Development Sector                       Divisions

Sponsors                                                                                                                                                      Economic Branch

Self-Financing                                                                                                                                              Colleges


Marketing and management sector

Divisions/                        “Economics and Finances” Division/                  Economic Branch/                  JSC APC “Ontustyk”

Methodic assistance

“Bolashak” Innovation Center

Marketing and Management Sector

Service Consumers

“Bolashak” IC/   Regional Technological Cluster/   South Kazakhstan Business/   Other Private Organizations


Job sector

Pedagogics and Psychology, Foreign Languages/ College/ Chemistry and Biology/ Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications/ Oil, Gas and Construction/ Computer Science and Mathematics

Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Peoples’ Friendship Divisions

“Bolashak” Innovation Center

Job Sector

Job Training Process

South Kazakhstan Akimat/ South Kazakhstan Department of Employment Coordination and Social Programs/South Kazakhstan Department of Education/ South Kazakhstan Department of Migration and Demography/South Kazakhstan Business/ Self-Financing



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