Department of Pedagogical Psychology

Current activity

The department “Pedagogy and Psychology” is one of the best divisions of the University for the training of teachers of psychology, primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, teachers of special schools for children with developmental disabilities.

The modern educational system is organically included in the educational space of the department and is aimed at the formation of a person with a basic social culture, the ability to self-development and self-realization.

The department has established international cooperation in the development and implementation of new teaching technologies in practice.

The department “Pedagogy and Psychology” as a structural unit of the Kazakhstan Engineering and Pedagogical University of Friendship of Peoples was established in 2001. Over the years, the department was headed by prominent scientists and highly qualified specialists: Ph.D., Associate Professor T.K. Mukhamedzhanov, Ph.D., Professor K.A. Duissenbayev, Ph.D., Professor A. Eltaev. J., Ph.D., Associate Professor Nuralieva A.Zh. Since April 2017, the head of the department is a candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Eltaev A.Zh.

Teachers of the department are actively engaged in teaching, educational and scientific activities. The composition of the department is staffed by the following teachers with scientists and academic degrees, academic titles, many years of experience: Omar E.O. – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, “The best teacher of the university” – 2009, 2015, the owner of the state grant, “Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”; Eltaev A.Zh.- k.p.n., professor, “Excellence in Education of the South Kazakhstan Region”; Satbayev K.S. – k.p.n., associate professor; Kamardinova U.O.-kpn, associate professor; Baibekova MM –, senior teacher, corresponding member MAPN; A. Kuralov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, “Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, holder of the state grant, ”The best teacher of the university-2009”; Sadykov Zh.S. –K.p.n., associate professor, Eralina AK –k.p.n., associate professor, Yeralina G.K. –k.p.n., Daniyarova, associate professor and others.

The next meeting of the department (2018)


Scientific Conference
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The mission of the department:

To provide high-quality training of competitive specialists in the field of education based on the achievements of science and practice.

Tasks of the department

  • organization of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents of the MES RK;
  • improving the organization of educational and methodical work;
  • creation of conditions for scientific, methodological and research work of the faculty;
  • improvement of the organization of educational work with students;
  • training of competitive specialists in the field of education in accordance with modern labor market requirements.

The strategic goal of the department

  • Implementation of a quality management system and certification in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (international);
  • innovative orientation of basic and applied research;
  • Improving the organization of teaching, research and educational work in accordance with modern requirements;
  • increase the academic mobility of students;
  • increase academic mobility of teaching staff.

Тhe research work of the department

The Department employs 26 teachers, including 2 doctors of Sciences, professors; 12 candidates of Sciences, associate professors, including 2 doctors of philosophy, 10 masters.

The average age of teachers with academic degrees and titles in the whole Department-52 years.

The title of the Best teacher of the University” won Professor Omar E. (2009, 2015) and associate Professor Kuralov A. (2008).

The teaching staff of the Department conducts research on the use of creative innovative technology in the training of teaching staff. The results of the research are published in special editions, in the collections of materials of the international, Republican scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conference, as well as in the form of textbooks and teaching AIDS.

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