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Kazakhstan peoples ‘ Friendship University is a multifunctional higher education institution that meets the needs of society. To date, the University has 10 departments and the degree of 52% , including 12 doctors of science, 54 candidates of science, the departments are headed by doctors and candidates of science.

The personnel Department was organized in 1996, the year of opening of the South Kazakhstan interregional branch of the University “KAINAR” . Years passed, there was growth and changed the status of the University, in 2000 it was renamed the UNIVERSITY “UNAT”, in 2001 it was renamed the “Engineering And Humanitarian University”, in 2002 it was renamed the “Kazakh-Uzbek Engineering And Humanitarian University” and in 2005 on the basis of the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №683 from 07.09 was renamed the Kazakh University of Friendship of peoples.

In order to implement the policy to improve the University policy of the MES in 2012, together with the SCPU, the institution “Kazakhstan engineering and pedagogical University of friendship of peoples”was created.

25.01.2019 the founders of the University in accordance with the Protocol № 02/19 of 15.01.2009 was renamed the “University of friendship of peoples named after A. Kuatbekov.”

Personnel Department controlling unit. Some work is carried out to check the labor discipline of employees, records are kept to check attendance and compliance with the schedule of work by the University staff, a scheduled check is conducted on the state of the documentation of the departments. In its activities, the personnel Department is guided by the legislative and regulatory documents on higher education.

Full responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the tasks and functions assigned to the personnel Department by this regulation is borne by the head of the personnel Department, which reports to the rector of the University. The human resources Manager Kulumbetova Salamat Peresuvna. The staff of the Department consists of three employees: chief, Deputy chief, specialist. Chief of staff Kulumbetova Salamat Perlasova – Kazakh, education –higher, has extensive practical experience in personnel.

The work of a small team of the Department would be impossible without close cooperation with all departments and divisions of the University, without the help of the rector.

The human resources Department associates the prospects of its development with the introduction of new information technologies.

About the department

A special unit of any organization working with the staff is the personnel service. As a rule, it is a group of units, professionally engaged in work with the staff.

Human resources Department is a service dealing with personnel records management, organization of reception of new employees, preservation of personal data of employees, processing of personnel information, etc.

Personnel service, as an independent structural unit of the organization, which indicates all the structural units of the organization, the name of positions and the number of staff units for each of the positions.

The personnel service reports directly to the first head of the organization, i.e. to the rector. The main task of the service-this work with employees, hiring, monitoring his activities during the period of his work, as well as dismissal from work. Timely issue orders, orders of the rector.


The main tasks of the personnel Department are:

  1. Staffing with employees of the required professions, specialties and qualifications.
  2. Placement and selection of personnel.
  3. Organization and carrying out of works in connection with training, personnel training and x professional development.
  4. Keeping records of personnel.
  5. Creation of personnel reserve.

To perform the assigned main tasks and functions of the personnel Department has the right:

  1. to give to heads of structural divisions obligatory for execution of the instruction on the questions relating to competence of Department;
  2. to give giving advice to employees of structural divisions on the questions entering into the competence of Department;
  3. request and receive from structural divisions necessary materials and data, data on workers;
  4. require all employees to provide timely primary documents to ensure proper management of personnel records and personnel records;
  5. require employees to eliminate violations in the performance of their duties.

The human resources Department performs the following functions:

  1. Personnel policy development;
  2. maintaining a data Bank on the quantitative and qualitative composition of personnel;
  3. employee turnover analysis;
  4. development of a proposal for the formation of the order of employment;
  5. recruitment of staff on a competitive basis in the order determined in the regulations on the employment together with the heads of structural units;
  6. registration of reception, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with the Labor Code.
  7. conclusion of employment contracts with employees;
  8. maintenance, filling, storage of labor books of employees;
  9. registration of annual leave in accordance with the approved schedules;
  10. registration and accounting of business trips of employees;
  11. preparation of materials for representation of workers to incentives;
  12. preparation of materials to attract employees to material and disciplinary responsibility;
  13. maintenance of all personnel records;
  14. development of measures to strengthen labor discipline, reducing staff turnover loss of working time, monitoring their implementation;
  15. organization of certification of employees, control over the state of labor discipline in structural units and compliance with internal regulations;
  16. control soblyudeniem labor legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  17. preparation and issuance of documents confirming the employee’s employment.
  18. timely registration of employees and students, issuance of certificates to students.
Normative document
Head of department

Kulumbetova Salamat Perdeshovna

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