On the first working day of 2023, a planned online meeting of the leadership of two flagship universities of the southern regions took place: Academician A.Kuatbekov Peoples’ Friendship University (Shymkent, Kazakhstan) and Wusong University (Daejeon, South Korea). The moderator of the meeting was Tlectes Shinguzhinova, Director of the Global SAPA MOC.
During the meeting, issues of the development of international cooperation and interuniversity integration within the framework of educational activities were discussed. Rector of UDN im. Academician A.Kuatbekova Rabiga Abdimusaevna stressed that we always strive to inspire graduates of our university with lessons of self-confidence, decency and perseverance; to educate talented people who will strive for the truth so that they become moral personalities who have devoted themselves to society and are able to change tomorrow.
The online meeting brought together the entire leadership of the UDN im. Academician A.Kuatbekov and made a feedback from what they heard, during which the head of the OCT, Maksat Yesenov, asked pressing questions to the headliner of the event, Whether it was related to educational programs, language preparatory courses for students and collaboration of the teaching staff.
In turn, the Rector of the UDN named after Academician A.Kuatbekova Rabiga Abdimusaevna thanked the organizers and all participants of the online meeting and expressed her capacious confidence that this event will become a catalyst for further fruitful bilateral cooperation in the near foreseeable future.

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