Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, rector of the University Rabiga Kuatbekova Abdumusaevna was born 31 March 1968 in Shymkent city.

In 1991 she graduated from Almaty medical Institute with a degree in “Medical care”, in 1999 – University “Kainar” with a degree in “Law”, in 2004 – Kazakh-Uzbek engineering and humanitarian University with a degree in “Pedagogy and psychology” (diploma with honors). I speak Kazakh, Russian and English.

She started her career in 1991 in MSCH “Phosphorus” as a doctor-Intern, in 1992 – obstetrician-gynecologist.

From 1996 to 1998 she studied at the full-time post-graduate Department of the Republican research center of mother and child in Almaty. In 1999 he was awarded the degree of candidate of medical Sciences. In 1999 – assistant of the Department of Obstetrics gynecology of the South Kazakhstan medical Academy.

In 1999-2005 – head of the Department of Kazakhstan peoples ‘ Friendship University, Dean of the faculty, Vice-rector for academic Affairs. Since 2005 – rector of the peoples ‘Friendship University of Kazakhstan, and since 2012 Kazakhstan engineering and pedagogical University of peoples’ Friendship.

In 2002 he was awarded the title of Professor of the peoples ‘ Friendship University of Kazakhstan, the title of academician of the Kazakh national Academy of natural Sciences.

In 2002 2005годы – doctoral student of the Karaganda state medical Academy, in 2005 he defended his doctoral thesis “Scientific basis for reforming the educational process in medical universities” – “the Scientific basis for reforming the educational process in medical higher educational institutions”.

Published 2 monographs, more than 100 scientific articles, 7 teaching AIDS, 5 manuals.

The author of the copyright certificates on themes “Improving medical education through the transition to a multi-level system of training”, “Improved medical education on the basis of transition to multilevel system of training”, “women’s social organization, “Development of methods to control the educational process in medical schools and the introduction of the credit system of education»- “control of the educational process of medical higher educational institutions and development of methods of introduction of credit system of education”, author of 4 scientific inventions, 2 patents.

Since 2005 – member of “Nur Otan”party.

Deputy of South Kazakhstan regional maslikhat (2017.)

Member of the Dissertation Council at the Republican state institution “national research center” of Astana, the Council of mothers of the Assembly under the people of Kazakhstan, the Commission on women’s Affairs and family and demographic policy under akim of South Kazakhstan region, the public Council for business support under the Nur Otan party.

The holder of the order “Zhasa Kazakhstan”, “Glory of Kazakhstan” (2014). according to the decision of the National business center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the medal “Formation of economic zones” – “excellence in education” (2013), “Adam factors”, “the Human factor” (2015).,  “25 years of independence” (2016), awarded the Diploma of the Minister of education of Kazakhstan “For the achievements in the field of spiritual and social development of Independent Kazakhstan and for the huge contribution for its prosperity” (20017), certificates of akim of SKR “For significant contribution to the development of education in the region and improving the level of intellectual and spiritual development of the younger generation” (2015, 2017).

She was awarded with diplomas, certificates and letters of thanks of MES, akim of SKR and Shymkent, children’s public Fund “Korgan”, Departments of regional and city public education, Department of sports and tourism, various cultural centers.

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