Results of the training seminar on the topic: “Methodology for the formation of the rating of “Atameken” of educational programs of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education has been conducting an independent assessment of educational programs of Kazakhstani universities for the fifth year. More than 2 thousand educational programs were evaluated, 81,393 graduates were analyzed, more than 200 industry experts were involved, as a result of which more than 2 thousand expert opinions were compiled for 97 universities. The NCE evaluated universities according to 19 criteria, the main of which are: the level of employment, median salary, accreditation of the educational program, the quality of teachers, the relevance of programs. The criteria are combined into three main blocks: career prospects of graduates, quality of educational programs, achievements of students.
In 2022, the Peoples’ Friendship University named after Academician A.Kuatbekov participated in the ranking of 17 OP. The results of the rating showed that
educational programs of the University occupy low positions among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To improve the effectiveness of the results in the Atameken OP rating, the head of UMU, Vice-rector for Strategic Planning and Development of the university B.Suleimenova, according to the “seminar plan for the 2nd half of the year”, held a training seminar on February 21, 2023 on the topic – “Methodology for forming the rating of NCE “Atameken” of educational programs of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The main directions of the seminar were:

  1. Optimization of ranking methods;
  2. Distribution by criteria;
  3. Various.

Moderator – Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Vice-Rector for Strategic Planning and Development of the university Suleimenova B.S.;

Speakers – the head of the organization and control of the educational process Tasbulatov M.S. and the head of the methodical cabinet – Erezhepova M.V.

Participants: educational and methodical management, responsible persons for the development of OOP, heads of departments and all interested persons.

The work of the seminar was carried out according to the methodology of forming the rating of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the analysis of the rating was carried out according to the following criteria:

  1. “Development of an educational program with employers”;
  2. “Investments in the development of the educational program”;
  3. “The share of specialists involved in the educational process from production in the relevant industry”;
  4. “The quality of the teaching staff”;
  5. “Digitalization of the educational program”;
  6. “Accreditation of the educational program”;
  7. “International certification programs of the educational program”;
  8. “Interuniversity partnership within the framework of the educational program”;
  9. “Export orientation of the educational program”;
  10. “The demand for educational programs among applicants”;
  11. “Compliance of the training results with the requirements of employers”;
  12. “Compliance of the content with the requirements of the labor market”;
  13. “Practice-oriented discipline”;
  14. “The proportion of students who have received education within the framework of academic mobility”;
  15. “The share of graduates who have implemented Start-up projects within the framework of the educational program”;
  16. “The share of graduates who continued their studies in the master’s degree (in residency)”;
  17. “The level of employment of graduates”;
  18. “Duration of job search”;
  19. “Median salary of graduates”.

Recommendations, suggestions and comments of NCE “Atameken” were also taken into account, based on the results of the rating of educational programs of universities in 2022, sent by the expert community in a generalized form to the university in February 2023 in order to further improve the educational activities of the university. Also, in order to increase efficiency, an order was created on the appointment of responsible persons for the timely, qualitative and objective provision of data during the rating in 2023. At the training seminar, the list was announced and the tasks and requirements for them were explained.

The purpose of the training seminar is to achieve good results of the rating of the NCE “Atameken”, because the university trains qualified personnel in popular specialties. Our graduates are in demand in the labor market of our country, as the quality of training of young specialists meets all the requirements of employers.

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